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Positek Limited expand range – new pressure transducers, temperature probes, displays and cable extension transducers

Pressure sensors, temperature probes and cable extension transducers significantly expand Positek Limited product range

Positek Limited has increased its comprehensive range of precision sensors with new pressure transducer and temperature probe product lines along with dedicated instrumentation displays. In addition, a broad range of cable extension transducers will supplement the Gloucester based displacement transducer manufacturer’s extensive portfolio of linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors. The increased range follows Positek’s acquisition by The Variohm Group earlier this year that promised and has already begun to deliver in-depth partnerships between its members with shared complementary products and technical expertise.

The new pressure transducer and temperature probe lines now supported by Positek Limited are designed and manufactured by Group partner Variohm EuroSensor. EPT series pressure transducers cover a very wide application and market areas for gas and liquid pressure measurement from fluid power to HVACR and from chemical & industrial plant to medical instruments. Across the EPT range, gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement from a few millibars to several thousand bars is taken care of with 12 product series’ offering an extensive selection of pressure port interfaces, electrical connection, output characteristics and environmental ratings. These pressure transducers typically utilise piezo resistive sensing element technologies coupled with the latest ASIC circuitry. They are compatible with stainless steel wetted parts and other materials from plastics and brass for low cost solutions at low pressure levels to materials with improved chemical resistance against aggressive media or extremely high temperatures. Combined pressure and temperature measurement of up to 1000 bar and temperature range between -50 to +150°C is also possible with Variohm’s EuroSensor’s EPTTE series transducers.

Positek’s new ETP series temperature probes utilise Variohm EuroSensor’s well developed overmoulding technology as cost-effective measurement solutions that integrate proprietary NTC, PT100/1000 and other temperature sensor types into convenient measurement packages. This includes encapsulated temperature probes in pipe clamps, ring terminals, hexagonal bolts, PTFE and brass cylinders, plastic straps and other components that can be directly assembled directly into a machine or instrument application. Saving installation time and cost, the IP67 rated probes are used extensively for general Instrumentation, medical & communication equipment, machine integration, HVAC and many other precision temperature measurement tasks. With a wide standard range the ETP series typically suits precision temperature measurement between -40 and +125°C for NTC types and -40 to +250°C for PT100/1000 sensing elements. Custom modified versions are available for alternative temperature ranges and modified mechanical interfacing – for instance with alternative bolt thread dimensions.

Complementary displays are also now available from Positek. Manufactured by Orbit Merret and with compatibility for all of the various output types available for pressure and temperature measurement, users can select the appropriate read-out characteristics in panel mount and din-rail mount designs.

Cable extension transducers or draw wire sensors provide an alternative technique for measuring linear displacement and offer a logical product expansion Positek’s comprehensive range of highly specialised non-contacting linear and rotary voltage displacement sensor technologies. Manufactured by TE Connectivity – a Variohm Group distribution partner – the extensive range includes miniature designs for instrument type measurement tasks up to highly durable IP68 rated units for harsh environment use. Measurement techniques include potentiometer and incremental encoders with industrial standard current and voltage output as well as digital output options such as CANopen or RS232. With measurement ranges from 60 mm to several metres, accuracy from 0.04% to 0.18 % FS, and repeatability to 0.02%, this technology suits straightforward medium precision linear measurement tasks where a proven reliability in automation, structural engineering, medical, and test and measurement applications is essential.

For further details on these new product lines and information on Positek’s specialist linear, rotary, tilt and intrinsically safe position sensors please visit, call +44 (0)1242 820027 or email

About Positek Limited
Acquired by the Variohm Group in 2019, Positek Limited was established over 25 years ago and today operates as an ISO9001:2015 certified designer and manufacturer of linear, rotary and tilt sensors with several specialist quality standard certifications including ATEX, IECEx, and CSA for both sensors and galvanic isolation measurement amplifiers. With its own patented non-contact inductive position sensor technology the specialist enjoys a high reputation for a fast-turnaround standard range as well as customised sensors and transducers that are extensively used in intrinsically safe, hazardous, automotive, submersible and other challenging environment measurement tasks. The extremely robust and highly accurate technology allows linear position measurement up to 1500 mm or more with compact form factor angular position measurement capabilities from between 5° and 160°. Application areas include, but are not restricted to, oil & gas, mining, medical, marine, hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder position feedback, tilt sensing on construction and heavy machinery, and more.

Positek Limited - L6 The Link, Andoversford Industrial Estate Cheltenham GL54 4LB

About Variohm EuroSensor
Variohm EuroSensor is a manufacturer, distributor and supply chain partner providing complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, force, pressure, load, and temperature sensor technologies - for demanding measurement applications across industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.

About Variohm Holdings
Comprising four closely linked operating divisions, staffed by highly experienced motion and sensor application specialists with extensive knowledge of international standards; Variohm Holdings combines its considerable design and manufacturing capability with best of brand products and components from leading global partners to provide engineered solutions that are seamlessly and cost effectively integrated for your application.

For more information, please contact:-

Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1327 351004
Fax: +44(0) 1327 353564

September 2019

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