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Absolute Encoders

Absolute encoders make up part of our product range. They are a rotary sensing device that provide feedback on exact position at any given time in a range of applications that require some control or monitoring.

With absolute encoders the position is always retained, with or without power. If movements are made without the encoder being powered, when the power is reapplied, the encoder will know its new position.

Single or Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders
Absolute encoders can either be single or multi-turn. Single turn encoders are more suitable for short travel applications where position measurement is required within a single turn of the encoder. Multi-turn encoders are a better option for applications where complex or lengthy position measurements are involved.

Advantages of Absolute Encoders
Some advantages to the encoders available here at Variohm are:

Non-volatility memory
Continuous reading of position is not required
No battery backup or gear function due to the patented ‘Endra’ technology from our supply partner Wachendorff.
No traditional optical disk making it more cost effective in comparison
High resolution with up to 16-bit single and 44-bit multi-turn.

Where are Absolute Encoders Used?
Absolute encoders can be found in applications across many industries. Due to their accurate measurements, they are a popular choice for high demanding applications. Some examples are:

Medical & Industrial Robotics
Civil & Underground Engineering
Cleaning Machines
Elevators – Check out our blog all about sensors in elevators.
Satellite Comms
Machine Packaging
Radiation Therapy

Other Encoder Types
At Variohm, we offer a few different types of encoders. These are incremental encoders, absolute encoders and a series of shaft copying systems based on special belts. View the category pages below:

Absolute Rotary Shaft & Hollow Shaft Encoders
Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders
Incremental Rotary Hollow Shaft Encoders
Lift Measuring Systems
Absolute Encoders from Variohm Eurosensor
Our encoders come from our trusted supplier Wachendorff Automation. One of their encoder models (WDGA 58F) has achieved the world record for the most compact axial and radial design.

About Variohm EuroSensor
Variohm EuroSensor is a manufacturer, distributor and supply chain partner providing complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, force, pressure, load, and temperature sensor technologies - for demanding measurement applications across industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.

About Variohm Holdings
Comprising four closely linked operating divisions, staffed by highly experienced motion and sensor application specialists with extensive knowledge of international standards; Variohm Holdings combines its considerable design and manufacturing capability with best of brand products and components from leading global partners to provide engineered solutions that are seamlessly and cost effectively integrated for your application.

For more information, please contact:-

Williams' Barn, Tiffield Road, Towcester Northants NN12 6HP United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0) 1327 351004
Fax: +44(0) 1327 353564

August 2022

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