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Eddy current probe WST – Non-contact and highly dynamic displacement measurement systems

The WST series Eddy current sensors with a measuring frequency of up to 50 kHz offer the optimal solution for highly dynamic measurements.

Eddy current sensors are non-contact displacement measurement systems that generate eddy currents in electrically conductive materials by means of a high-frequency magnetic field. The sensor detects the change of the alternating current resistance of the oscillating circuit, which changes depending on the distance to the measured object.

The eddy current principle makes it possible to take measurements on all electrically conductive materials such as metals. It is particularly suitable for ferromagnetic materials. Another advantage of this measuring principle is that the measurement is not influenced by environmental influences such as water, oil or dust.

The eddy current sensors are also wear-free and do not require any special maintenance.

With the displacement measuring system consisting of the sensor head WST and the electronics WAT, measuring ranges of up to 4 mm can be effortlessly recorded as standard. A linearity of up to 1% and a maximum resolution of 0.4 µm can be achieved Thanks to a special temperature compensation system, a broad working temperature range from -20 to +125 °C and a temperature stability of 0.02%/K is also possible.

Since the measuring principle allows non-destructive material characterisation or material testing, eddy current sensors are particularly suitable for test and production engineering.

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WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing precision sensors for position and distance measurement since 1999. As an innovative company with headquarters in Taufkirchen near Munich and a branch in Brühl near Cologne, we sell our products all over the world. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible measurement technique solution: from high-quality sensors from the standard range to customer-specific solutions, from prototype to series production - for the most varied applications in industry and research. The products made in Taufkirchen are subject to rigorous quality standards and every single one is delivered to our customers with a calibration certificate.

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September 2020

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