Young Calibration Expertise in Microscopic Particle Analysis

Young Calibration has more than ten years of experience in Microscopic Particle Analysis. With its extensive service range of successful extraction of the component contamination, multiple cleaning system techniques are available to best match with the component under test.

The laboratory specializes in high-performance cleaning and cleanliness assessment of heat exchangers, end tanks, pumps, turbochargers, housings, valves, injectors, fixings, and other associated closed circuit engine components.

The particle analysis software can determine the individual sizes and number of particles in a given size range, and characterize the particles as metallic, non-metallic, or fiber.

Particle analysis can be expressed per sample area, volume or component and is presented in tabular and graphical formats for both count and size. Photographic images can be captured and presented on the cleanliness report using a high-resolution color camera.

The Cleanliness Laboratory can undertake "as found" component cleanliness assessment and provide high-performance component cleaning, backed up with a particle cleanliness analysis report.

February 2022

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