Young Calibration provides expertise in prototype, production , and development tests for automotive components. Whether it is a single component or system testing for product development, the Young Calibration team delivers high-quality product validation and type approval testing.

We work directly with world-famous OEM and vehicle manufacturers in coolant, lubrication, charge air, energy storage, and thermal management systems, which help us refine and optimize vehicles for future generations.

Young Calibration test facility is designed to accommodate fast turnaround time for critical engineering issues and provide a fast-track test solution for time-critical production problems with ICE, hybrid and electrical vehicle thermal management components. Our goals are to provide cost-effective engineering resource when it is needed.

We support measurement instrumentation at our in-house UKAS accredited laboratory. Young Calibration performs component development, durability and product validation testing on a range of automotive, marine, and aviation systems, including water pumps, oil pumps, PAS pumps, and fuel pumps.

March 2022

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