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Live Webinar: Laser Driver for Ultrashort Laser Pulses

After a successful launch in March, iC-Haus is now continuing its webinar series. On May 18, 2021, 09:30-10:00 AM (CET), a webinar with Uwe Malzahn will be held on the topic: "Taking Time of Flight (ToF) Measuring to a New Level with Ultra Short Laser Pulses". Participants will learn how the new iC-HS Laser Driver Series has succeeded in generating laser pulses from 100 ps to 5 ns with a resolution of 1 ps by exploiting the "Gain Switching" effect.

Uwe Malzahn, who is responsible for laser ICs at iC-Haus, will show short-pulse generation in a live demo in his lecture and also explain the many possible applications of the new laser drivers, which range from precise ToF distance measurement and short-pulse LiDAR to 3D scanners and innovative optoacoustic imaging processes in medical technology.

More information about the free webinar offers, contents, dates and registration options can be found on the iC-Haus website: https://www.ichaus.de/Laser_Drivers_Webinar

Introducing iC-Haus
iC-Haus GmbH is a leading independent German manufacturer of standard iCs (ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions. The company has been active in design, production, and sales of application-specific iCs for industrial, automotive, and medical technology for 36 years now and is represented worldwide.
The iC-Haus cell libraries in CMOS, bipolar, and BCD technologies are fully equipped to realize the design of sensor, laser/opto, and actuator ASiCs, among others. The iCs are assembled in standard plastic packages or using iC-Haus chip-on-board technology to manufacture complete microsystems, multichip modules, and sensors housed in optoBGA or optoQFN packages.
Further information on the products mentioned in the press release:

https://www.ichaus.de/iC-PZ Series


https://www.ichaus.de/HS Series

For more information, please contact:

iC-Haus GmbH
Am Kuemmerling 18, 55294 Bodenheim, Germany
Tel. +49 6135/9292-300
Fax +49 6135/9292-192

April 2021

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