From: Hermione Crease - Cambridge IC. UK

Good afternoon Mike

I hope you’re well. We’re continuing to see highly engaged traffic from Sensorland; I hope this is an indication of the site’s continued success.

Kind regards

Hermione Crease - Cambridge IC

From: Jason Kingdom - Sensonics Ltd. UK

Hi Mike,

Keep up the good work with
My! How it has grown over the years.



From: Robin Farley - Rotronic Instruments Ltd. UK

Hi Mike

Is it me, or are these coming round faster and faster?
I'm happy to renew; you remain one our top referral sites.

Best regards


From: Larry McKnight - Marketing Manager - CTC Corp. USA

Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay, but the owner of the company asked if I could pay you by corporate American Express, rather than check. If this is agreeable, please let me know and I will e-mail you back my account information.

By the way, since we signed on with Sensorland, we have been receiving hits on our website from locations in the world from which we have never received any before.

Best Regards,
Larry McKnight

From: Larry McKnight - Marketing Manager - CTC Corp. USA

Hi Mike,

We have finally returned to work after a 12 day holiday respite. Everyone in our office applauds you Mike, and the job you are doing with We are perfectly satisfied with our content on your site and have already received our first referral.
Please send us and invoice so we can gladly pay you.

Best Regards,
Larry McKnight

From: Bryan Davies

Good afternoon Mike,

Many thanks for all your help
Superb website - very well structured

Best regards

From: Irene Martina from India

I am Irene from India.I am doing my engineering in Instrumentation.This is the first time I am coming across a website as good as yours.
I will recommend ur website to all my friends.
Sensorland is so informative.
Thanks a lot for putting together such a great job.


From: Robin Farley - Managing Director - ROTRONIC UK - January 2007

Hi Mike

All OK to renew; you’re one of our best referring sites! This is the first communication I have received though…

Could I also suggest an extension to your ‘scope’ – calibration services. All sensors should be calibrated on a regular basis…

Best regards

From: Tim Landucci - Michell Instruments Ltd. - April 2006

We received 70 referrals to our website from Sensorland in March, which is great. I have definitely noticed a steady increase in the last 12 months.

Attached is our latest press releases and image for the website.

I would appreciate as much exposure as possible as we see this being a great way to find out more about Michell Instruments.

Many Thanks
Tim Landucci
Marketing Coordinator

From: Taken from an email from Chris Rand of Engineeringtalk - Nov 2005

A recent recommendation from a sensor company using the SUPPLIERS section of confirmed the TOP REFERRERS for his site as...
1. Google
2. Google AdSense
3. EngineeringTalk
4. Sensorland
5. Yahoo

From: Noel Ueckermann - July 2005

I have just recently discovered your site and was delighted to find that it included a section on "How they work".
After numerous enquiries regarding the
workings of a capacitive sensor I was able to finally get the correct info from your site. I have asked numerous people and searched many sites with little success.

Thanks for the great site!

Yours sincerely,
Noel Ueckermann

From: Roger Davies - ASM (Sensor supplier) - February 2005

I notice that your web site, is booming and receiving good reviews.
Roger Davies - ASM

From: Tony Ingham - Sensor Technology Ltd. - October 2004

Sensorland brings us good enquiries for our Torque Sensors
...far more than other sites. Consider this a pat on the back !

Tony Ingham - Sensor Technology Ltd.

From: Gregory Tait - Tanknology Australia - Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Dear Mike,
We have had an opportunity to view your web site and we were impressed by its coverage and detail. We are interested in TELEMETRY products - and specifically for : Intrinsically Safe, Zone 0, ATEX, Group 1 & Group 2.

Gregory Tait - Port Melbourne - Victoria - 3207

From: Brett Coombs - 24th April 2006

Hello Mike,
Do you know if there is any sort of sensor that is sensitive enough to sense the weight of a insect like a bedbug? I'm having trouble finding this information on the internet. Your site is great, I'm learning a lot just reading through all the articles, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help,
Brett Coombs

From: Gavin Woodhead - Electrical & Control Engineer - 29th October 2006

Hello Mike,

First of all, great site! It’s very informative.

I am looking for a non contact sensor to measure a metallic film applied by magnetron to glass. I have trialled inductive, no luck. The glass is on a production line, so is moving. I am aiming to detect areas missed by coating.

Thanks, Gavin

From: Caroline Barstow - Testo Ltd. - 18th June 2009

Hi Mike,

I’ve checked out our referral data and your site has been providing us with a good flow of visitors. I would therefore like to renew the listing and have raised a PO to cover this.


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