What is Rotary Telemetry ?

When engineers and scientists need to measure torque, strain,
temperature or other physical quantities on rotating shafts or
components, rotary telemetry systems provide both conditioning
for the shaft mounted transducers and a non-contacting means
of transmitting measurement data to stationary recording and
data processing equipment.

A miniature transmitter and power pickup loop or battery pack are
attached to the rotating shaft or component. The transmitter
converts the transducer outputs into a form, which enables transfer
from the rotating shaft to a stationary pickup. Transmission options
include inductive, infra-red, radio and capacitive. A pickup, combined
with an energising head in the case of inductively powered systems,
collects the data and re-transmits via cable to the system demodulator
and readout.

The received data is decoded into analogue voltage or current form,
or alternatively converted to serial data for input into a PC. Various
configurations of demodulator / readout are available, including benchtop,
industrial and compact versions for in-vehicle use

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