Micro Measurement of Position and Displacement

Micro displacement measurement at the submicron and nanometer level is the primary application for non-contact capacitive sensors and eddy-current sensors.

To help engineers and other users make those measurements with the best possible results, Lion Precision has expanded its growing technical library to include application notes on linear displacment measurements and position measurements for each sensor technology. While each application may be measuring deflection, deformation, vibration or similar characteristics, the measurements are fundamentally a measurement of changing position or displacement.

Making measurements at the submicron and nanometer levels requires special care and these application notes discuss the fine details of making such precise measurements. Information includes probe mounting considerations, variables that cause displacements of critical components, calculation of micro-displacements from voltage or digital outputs, thermal effects and other environmental considerations.

The Application Notes are available as web pages and PDF documents and can be found here:

Micro measurement - Capacitive Displacement

Micro measurement - Capacitive Position

Micro measurement - Eddy-Current Displacement

Micro measurement - Eddy-Current Position

From a press release issued by Lion Precision Inc.

April 2013


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