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Strain Gauges are used throughout industry and research to measure almost all types of parameters. This page will help you find the right supplier for the sensor that you need. Scroll down for details of the large variety of sensing products available, clicking on the individual website links to learn more and find the model to solve your measurement problem.
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'How they work' pages to find out how strain gauges work.

Innovative Sensor Solutions - Baumer UK is part of a family owned company which operates on a truly global scale employing around 2400 people in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. Acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing, Baumer delivers products with unparalleled innovation, quality and passion.
Tel: +44 1793 783839 Email: Web:

Asset Instrument Engineering logo
Asset Instruments Engineering Ltd. supplies manufacturers of load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, hydrostatic transmitters, etc. with OEM products.
We specialise in bridge amplifiers, digital indicators, wireless modules and calibrator devices.
Telephone: +44 (0)7763 740906

Jewell Instruments offers asphalt & concrete strain gauges utilizing active elements in the Wheatstone bridge strain circuit. They measure the axial strength in pavements and concrete structures in high frequency dynamic conditions. They have a wide operating temperature range, with asphalt strain gauge ranging from -34 to 200 degrees Celsius. Our gauges can adapt to most data acquisition systems and need no signal conditioning. We offer two standard cable lengths, and we offer 2 different cable types for Industrial and Laboratory applications. Other cable lengths are available upon request.

Download: ASG-300-HT Dynamic Asphalt Strain Gauge Data Sheet

Download: CSG-3000 Dynamic Concrete Strain Gauge Data Sheet

Jewell Instruments, LLC 850 Perimeter Road, Manchester, NH 03103

Ph. 603-669-6400 - Fax 603-669-5962
Email: Web:

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